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(2012 Research Project) Researches on University Towns and Regional Development: A case study of Hangzhou University Town
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The construction of university towns in China is prevalent in the rapid urbanization. The higher education reform starting in the end of 1990s requires larger physical spaces for accommodating increasingly diverse disciplines and larger amount of students. By 2007, 50 university towns had been built or under construction, scattered in over 40 cities. As a culture entity and source of innovation, the construction of of university town should excert deep influence on regional development, especially in terms of culture. However, a large amount of constructed university town failed to interact with the society of the surrounding areas. 

This research will be based on the case study of Cangqian, exploring the spacial development tendency of this area and the influence of this tendency to the local society. 

This project will start from November 2012 and end on July 2013.