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A Brief Introduction of Management Experience of French Impeasant-s' Household Register and Its Enlightenment for China
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Abstract: Since industrial revolution, especially after the WWII, the economy of France has rapidly developed. France is a country with largest area in Western Europe, not large population and low birth rate. So economy development needs a lot of impeasant-s (farmer-turned workers) to fiil up the deficiency of labors. A long time later, France becomes a great nation of impeasant-s in non-impeasant- countries in the world. After the war, in terms of impeasant-s' household register management, France made a set of comparatively complete system and legal system under which France attracted a great number of impeasant-s all over the world, thus, not only providing sufficient labors and technological talents for economic construction of France, but also laying the foundation for the sustainable development of French economy. As industrialization and agriculture modernization had been completed early, France has already gotten rid of the problem of territorial peasant workers. But it has to solve the problem of impeasant-s which is similar to peasant workers' problem of China. Therefore, studying the French management experience of impeasant-s' register in the course of urbanization will provide a reference for resolving the register problem of peasant-s in China.


Ma Ding. Specialized subject of urban studies in Hangzhou Normal University in 2010. Journal of Hangzhou Normal university (social science edition), Vol.33, No.2(SUM 191),2011.