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On the Approach and Strategy of Peasant-s' Citilization in Big Cities
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Abstract: Peasant-s' citilization is the process in which they try to get social rights of employmenteducationmedicinehousing and social security in the city. The core of peasant-s' citilization is how to solve the problem of social costs on it. In current systems, the practical and feasible approaches of that process are to separate peasant-s' household register from public production and public service; to provide them good public production and service within the affordable scope of the government and make peasant-s live like a urban resident, be used to the life in the city and be accepted by the city gradually. The symbol and key of citilization is not identification and register, but how much public production and service a city can supply for peasant-s. Only on this basis can the reform of management system of household register be practical. For this case, this article puts forward several strategies. They are keeping sustainable increase of the secondary industry and tertiary industry, making up the system of settling down in the city by accepting peasant-s optionally according to local conditions, developing and improving traffic actively from host city to satellite city, resolving vigorously the education of peasant-s' children and building rapidly low-rent houses for citilized peasant-s.

Shi Xiangshi. Investigation report, specialized subject of urban studies in Hangzhou Normal University in 2010.