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On Peasant-s' Lack of Spirit Culture and Compensation Policy——Taking Zhejiang Province for Example
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Abstract: Zhejiang province is one of the main areas of the peasants flowing. Millions of peasant industries have become the important force for modernization of Zhejiang. As to the current problems such as delaying peasant-s' wages, education of their children, protection of their legal rights, etc., the government has payed high attention and tried to resolve those problems gradually. The Report of Chinese Peasant-s' Degree of Satisfaction in 2006 also indicates that peasant-s in Zhejiang possess high degree of satisfaction on aspects of employment training, maintaining right of getting wages, child's education, etc.. However, enough stress is not laid on the issue of peasant-s' spirit culture life in free time. In the structure of human being's living needs, culture life belongs to a high level, while the order of its necessity is in a back position. Therefore, even those who are more concerned with impeasant-s' life, will pay less attention very late to their cultural life situation . Under this background, the author strives to use data to objectively reflect the present situation of peasant workers' lack of culture life by a large number of empirical research, and further analyzes the existing problems and causes; and based on this, the author also puts forward countermeasures to enrich peasant workers' culture life to further enhance the work environment and the quality of life of peasant workers in Zhejiang province. The research has positive influence in constructing "peace Zhejiang" and promoting the development of Zhejiang as a harmonious society.
 Chen Caijuan. Investigation report, specialized subject of urban studies in Hangzhou Normal University in 2010.