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A Report on Making Hangzhou A Comfortable City to Live from the Perspective of Peasant Workers
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Abstract: The peasant worker is a unique social phenomenon of population flow in the process of urbanization of China. Hangzhou attracts peasant-s strongly for its long historical culture, beautiful and natural landscape, rapidly developing economy and healthy social environment. As the effective strength of making Hangzhou a comfortable city to live, the peasant workers affecting the development of Hangzhou with the unprecedented scale and important influence. The following aspects are urgent tasks and significant subjects at present and some time to come: a thorough knowledge of peasant-s' feeling on construction of a comfortable Hangzhou to live, the study of construction of a comfortable Hangzhou to live in the view of peasant-s and bringing peasant-s' influence into full play to drive the development of Hangzhou's economic society. The practice of those aspects has a great importance on constructing a harmonious society, a city good for learning and starting an enterprise and a city of the high quality of life.

Qing Junpin. Investigation report, specialized subject of urban studies of Hangzhou Normal University in 2010.