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A Research on the Influence of Peasant-s' Concept Change toward Citilization——Taking Yaqian, Xiaoshan for Example
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Peasant-s' concept change is the subjective reflection of social functioning and to some extent reflects the impact of social change on peasant-s' concept. To study peasant-s' concept change can deeply know the process of social change in China. The author investigates peasant workers in Yaqian, Xiaoshan with the method of personal interview and questionnaire. The contents of this investigation contain peasant-s' knowledge of the Communist Party of China and socialist system, their belief on patriotism, grass-rooted democracy and legal system, the model of production and life style and so on. The analysis of investigation results reflects thoroughly peasant workers' subjective attitudes toward social change and their acting tendency. This investigation not only theoretically deepens knowledge of economic society's influence on peasant-s' concept, but also reflects the problems of theory and practice. This study has great theoretical and practical significance in making clear furthur the direction of social development afterwards.


Wang Guangyin. Investigation report, specialized subject of urban studies in Hangzhou Normal University in 2010.