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Director Zhang Weiliang Participated in Hangzhou TV Program Recording
时间:2012-12-27 11:09:47 点击:14
    On November 13, 2012, Director Zhang Weiliang at Institute for Urban Studies of Hangzhou Normal University, participated in TV program recording named “Our Roundtable Meeting” at Hangzhou TV station. The program aimed to discuss the purpose, contents, evaluation results and social significance of the campaign “the Folk West Lake Golden Award”, which was initiated by Hangzhou International Urbanology Research Center in order to collect folk ideas to solve problems rising from Chinese urbanization process. Cai Jun, The section chief of Hangzhou International Urbanology Research Center, Professor Wu Weiqiang of Zhengjiang University of Technology, Zhang Guangyu and Zhu Yening who offered useful folk ideas, and Xiao Gengsheng the commentator also participated in the Program recording.