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"Social Psychological Studies in urbanization " forum
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     The forum “Social Psychological Studies in Chinese Urbanization” was held in Hangzhou, China, during November 3-4, 2012. It was co-organized by Chinese Association of Social Psychology (CASP), Zhejiang Association of Social Psychology, Hangzhou International Urbanology Center and Hangzhou Normal University, assisted by the branch association-Social Psychology of Chinese Psychological Society and Wenzhou Medical College. Director Wang Guoping of the Hangzhou International Urbanology Center, the Party Secretary Cui Pengfei and the vice-Party Secretary Li Qingping of Hangzhou Normal University, President Yang Yiyin of CASP, and President Shi Xiangshi of Zhejiang Association of Social Psychology, as well as over 100 scholars from the cities Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, etc., attended the conference.
     During the opening ceremony, Cui Pengfei pointed out that the huge social psychological changes that people were experiencing along with the social transformation was brought by the rapid urbanization in China. He introduced the history of Hangzhou Normal University and the achievement it made in terms of disciplinary development and talent training, urban studies and among others. Wang Guoping gave a specific report titled “A Study on Ten Typical Psychological Problems among Chinese Rural Migrant Workers”, around which he explored what led to these problems and how to solve them by helping migrant workers live and work in peace and contentment.
     In the two-day conference, the attendants explored the social psychological problems resulted from Chinese urbanization process from multi-disciplinary perspectives, such as urbanization and urban development, rural migrant workers’ integration into city life, happiness of urban and rural residents, city identification, the new generation of rural migrant workers, social justice & trust, city transportation and housing, interpersonal relationships, the left-behind children’s psychological issues, city attachment, etc.
     The forum held would be of great practical and academic significance for China’s urbanization process and its social development.