The Suburbanization of Afro-Americans...
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The Suburbanization of Afro-Americans and Residential Segregation since the 1970s


Author】 WANG Xu , YU Yue


Abstract】 The suburbanization of Afro-Americans since the 1970s, as a new trend of significance, is a controversial issue in the American academic community. Scholars have debated how far this phenomenon can help to ease the race relationship in the US. As a matter of fact, the suburbanization of Afro-Americans since the 1970s has developed quickly. However, it is relatively slower compared with other ethnic groups, and moreover, except some middle class Afro-Americans, most of Afro-Americans are still living together in certain places, which have gradually become new ghettos. Therefore, it is not only an opportunity but also a challenge to improve the state for Afro-Americans. 

——《Journal of Xiamen University》(02),2004