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the Institute for Urban Studies of HNU
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    Officially established in December 2012 at Hangzhou Normal University (HNU), the Institute for Urban Studies is a specialty research institution that combines the disciplines of geography, ecology, city planning, architecture, etc. based on the development of the field of social sciences at HNU to form an interdisciplinary and special study of urbanology. It maintains active relationships with the Hangzhou International Urbanology Center and other relevant research centers and institutions across the globe, and has a staff of five professional researchers, two invited researchers, and twenty part-time researchers including one foreign researcher now. 

     As a newly emerging subject with multi-disciplinary characteristics, urbanology studies various urban problems that have emerged from the rapid process of urbanization and the useful lessons of urban construction and development around the world, etc., which is of great significance for the future of urban development in China.
     The main research fields of the Institute for Urban Studies include urban theory, urban public policy and urban history & culture. It devotes itself to developing into an innovative research base, a shining spotlight of HNU that aims to promote urban studies and international academic exchanges so as to make more contributions to the healthy process of urbanization in China.